How Fast Can You Start Making Money Online?

One of my subscribers asked me the following question:

How quick can one start making money when one is desperate?

Here is my response:

I am going to jump right into this one first. That is a great question, and contrary to all the hype you see online about getting rich overnight, this is not a get rich quick business, although some people do get rich in a hurry. Some really do. But it is an inconsistent business when you are first getting started. If you have a list or are promoting a product already, you know that some days you only get 3 subscribers and some you may get 100. Some days you do not sell anything, and others you get four orders for $67 each. When you have 100 sales a day, then if it fluctuates by 10 sales daily it is no big deal–one day you get 90, the next 100, the 110, etc, and maybe down to 80 on another day. But when you have a small list and only 100 visitors a day–you get 1 one day, none the next, 2 the next day–not enough to pay the bills.

So if you are really desperate, and you cannot afford to go a few months without much income if it happens that way, then you probably shouldn’t be gambling on the internet to make you rich fast. But if you are not so desperate that you can take a few months and really learn the ropes, then maybe if you work really hard you can build a business.

You see, I think that one of the biggest disservices online is when someone sells something with the premise that if you will just do this and this exactly like I have done it, then you will get rich. What we can do online is show you what we have done, so you can model it. For example, if I share with 100 people the exact same methods that I use, and tell you to go out and do the exact same thing, what is going to happen? Have you ever gotten 7 of the exact same email from 7 different lists that you are on? The market simply becomes saturated with the one product that is claimed to be the end all and be all. So all you can really do is model what someone else is doing, who is successful.

I hate to say this too, but I do not believe it is possible to set up a true ‘cookie cutter’ online system. If you see a web site that promises that all you have to do is promote that one web site and you will get rich, I think that is bunk. Sure, if you are one of 10 people promoting it, yes, maybe you will make money. But if I sell the same web site to 1000 people, what happens? Nobody gets rich.

Think about this. I could sell my entire business. I could sell all my articles, all my auto responder campaigns, and all my squeeze pages. If I sold them to one person, he could do just as well as I do with them. If I sold them to 2 people, maybe they could do just as well. But what would happen if I sold them to 100 people? You know the answer.

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Sean Mize is the author of Anyone Can Coach, the definitive guide to starting your own coaching program fast.

Affiliate Revenue – How to Maximize Your Affiliate Revenue for Optimal Affiliate Profits

You have been online for awhile, working on creating your own product. Maybe you have one already. Maybe you have a list already. But you have no income.

You need affiliate revenue.

What is affiliate revenue? Affiliate revenue is income you derive from the promotion of affiliate products.

I earn nearly one dollar per month per subscriber on one of my affiliate revenue email campaigns. How do I do it?

I simply build a relationship with my subscribers by offering them top-notch information about which they are hungry and thirsty, then I recommend they visit specially-selected affiliate web sites.

Why do I say, ‘specially-selected’? Because you cannot use just any affiliate program.

Your affiliate program must meet the following criteria before you should promote a product:

1) The product must be exceptional and be backed up with remarkable customer service.

2) The product sales page must do a phenomenal job of transferring 1) to your subscribers.

3) The affiliate program must be honest, and pay exactly when it says it will. Affiliate income must be consistent to you.

4) The affiliate product must mesh well with your own product, whether your own product is already created or just in the works.

Once you have selected an affiliate product with which to maximize your affiliate revenue, recommend the sales page or product to your subscribers. Do not sell them. Recommend them.

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Sean Mize is the author of Anyone Can Coach, the definitive guide to starting your own coaching program fast.

How Do I Promote a Site From Scratch?

One of my subscribers asked me the following question:

My biggest question is how do I promote a site from scratch? I mean I don’t know how to make a link or exchange a link, or anything like that. My other question is how do I link or put a link on another website?

Here is my answer:

There are many ways to do that, and I am currently writing a book on how to build a huge list and I am including an in depth study on how to drive traffic to your site so you can build a list.

But for today, I have a few questions for you. Do you have a web site to promote? If you do not, that is step one. If you do have a website to promote, and you want to get links, the easiest thing to do is to stop thinking about just getting links for the sake of getting links.

Do this instead: write articles. Short articles that are full of strong information. Like 300-500 words. At the very end of the article, write something about yourself (a bio). Then put a link to your website at the end of your bio. Submit your article to a lot of article directories. If you have written something rational, almost all of them will publish your article.

Two things happen. 1) People read your article. They like what you have to say and click your link. That creates traffic. Most of everyone on my list came here through an article. Don’t get me wrong. I do AdWords and I participate in giveaways, but my strongest traffic source is articles. By the way, it is also the hardest work I do. It is much easier to pay Google $100 and get 100 subscribers. It is much easier to send an email to a safe list and get a few subscribers. It is much easier to participate in a giveaway and get 100 subscribers for free. But the articles are solid. They are not gone tomorrow. They are read every single day, unlike a Google ad. I have articles that I wrote 9 months ago that still get clicks today. And I don’t have to do anything to keep getting traffic. But it was hard work at first writing them. No question about it.

In fact, I am planning to write a few articles today. But I would much rather be communicating with you. I would much rather add a few keywords to my AdWords campaign. But in my heart of hearts I know that if I write two articles today I have been much more productive than if I mail 10 safe lists or get 100 clicks in Google or pay for 1000 visitors somewhere.

2) The search engines pick up the link you placed in the bio and give you credit for having links. Just for fun, copy and paste the following (including the quotes) into Yahoo’s and Google’s search engine: “5 Secrets Your List-Building Competitors Hope You Never Find Out” I wrote that article about 4 weeks ago and submitted it to about 6 article directories. Now if you looked it up just now you see that I have many more links than that—and it took 15 minutes to write and about another 15 minutes to submit it to 6 (maybe 8) directories.

I hope this has been helpful. Over the next few days I am going to try to answer as many more questions as I can. I want to strike a good balance between getting this info to you and not inundating you with emails.

Again, send me your questions and I will answer as many as I can (a lot of the questions that came in were variants on the same question, so if I answer another question that is really similar and the answer would be the same for both questions, I probably won’t address both–I am sure you understand!

By the way, do you want to add a coaching program to your business? If so, download my brand new free training here: coaching program training

Sean Mize is the author of Anyone Can Coach, the definitive guide to starting your own coaching program fast.