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Become an Expert in Your Field

by Sean Mize

This is critical. You must become an expert in your area of—that’s right–expertise. Learn everything you can. Ask questions. Find out answers. No matter how good your product is, if the potential consumers of your product do not know that you are an expert, they will not buy your product.

You must learn everything you can about your field, and be willing to share it with others. Let others see that you are the expert. Write articles. Participate in online forums. Ask questions. Answer questions. If you do not know the answer to something someone asks, go find the answer. Give them solid information.

How do you learn enough to be an expert?

First, seek out all the free and public domain information that is available online.

Second, go to your local offline library and check out 10-15 books on your topic. Read them—the first few, read completely. For the rest of them, read the chapters on information not covered in the first few books.

Third, buy information online to fill in your gaps.

You see, to be perceived as an expert, you really need to be one. You cannot just answer their questions and be an expert. People can see if you are a genuine expert or if you just have some specialized information. And the only way for them to see you as a genuine expert is to be one. When you are a genuine expert, it is obvious in your speech, your tone of voice, and it is evident in your writing.

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