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Link Popularity – How Important is Article Writing to Link Popularity?

by Sean Mize

Link popularity. We should all know that link popularity adds to our natural search engine rankings, and that the more link popular we are, the higher our natural search engine rankings, all other things being equal.

How does article writing play into link popularity?

All I can look at specifically is my own success with natural search engine rankings. I have multiple keyword phrases that consistently rank in the top ten search engine results in Yahoo and Google, and many of those in the top 1, 2, or 3 spots.

About 90% of my online traffic generating time, SEO energy, and link popularity work is done writing articles. Sure, it is time consuming. And I can’t really pay anybody else to do it. I simply have to sit down and write. And it is boring sometimes. But article writing has done wonders for my link popularity and natural search engine rankings.

Follow these steps:

1) Write 10 articles in your niche.

2) Write a bio for yourself and include a link to your main web page or squeeze page.

3) Submit your article to as many article directories as you can. Note: If you are submitting for maximum link popularity, the more you submit to, the better. Each one should create a backlink to you. If you are submitting for the purpose of hits via your articles, then you need only submit to the top 10 article directories. I recommend sending all ten articles out to at least 100 article directories, to get started (massive action), then submit most of your articles in the future to the biggest 10 article directories. Once a month, submit a few to the entire list, to keep your backlinks fresh.

4) Monitor your search engine rankings.

5) Start over.

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