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"When I first came across Sean Mize I was making just a few hundred dollars a month online and really struggling to make it work. Less than 4 years later my business has generated almost 1.9 million in sales. I count Sean as one of only a handful of guys that helped influence that success. Sean is the real deal. - John Oszajca



I'm a pro copywriter and was looking to get out of being reliant on client work -- but I was stuck for what to do, when to do it, and in what order. It wasn't so much more KNOWING I needed as more DOING.

After making an investment with Sean for one-on-one coaching and some of his products, within just a fortnight I had released my first coaching programme with an ROI of over 2:1 -- it's now 70% full, and places are STILL selling like hot cakes.

If I fill all the places, then my revenue will be just shy of $20,000 with an ROI of over 3:1 -- that's more than $3 back for every $1 invested -- within just 21 days. Better yet -- the programme will keep ON selling between now and forever in one form or another, so my long-term ROI is likely to be measured in the hundreds- or thousands-to-one.

Thanks, Sean. Probably the best investment I ever made (and I've been around this stuff for a long time).

Jon McCulloch
Direct Response Marketer
Jon McCulloch — The Evil Bald Genius

Sean you are a genius man i bought one of your products followed it through and today closed my first client at $97 a month.

Feel free to use that as a testimonial your stuff works period!

Thanks so much man

This March I attended your 30 day coaching program.

At the first 1~2 week, there wasn't any progress at all, for still adjusting the new concept of internet coaching business.
It was kind of shock for me, lots of new concept , lots of old stuff had to go...

I wrote articles on Apr 15th. I used 24 articles, 1 freegift, 37 subscribers and fanpage , 1 affiliate partners, I sold a 6-month-coaching program for 2 coachee. (start from May 1st.)

The total revenue for this program is about US$3700
Only 2 weeks, I attracted 2 customers to bring me US$3700.
I like this result.

Thank you very much.

Taipei, Taiwan

I’ve been learning from Sean for a while now. Why do I STILL invest in his coaching program? Because his methods work!

I followed his system and launched my first coaching program in a long while. The result?

14 people invested in a 6 week $247 program that I am STILL creating. I am being paid handsomely to develop a coaching program that is earning me money now and will continue to earn passive income for years to come.

More reasons why I continue to invest in coaching and mentoring with Sean: He is accessible, he responds to emails! Opportunity for one on one help each week in live coaching calls He actually does what he teaches I trust him, he is a man of integrity If you work with Sean and actually do what he teaches you can realistically expect to see a good return on your investment.

Lynne Lee www.christianlifecoaching.co.uk

Dear Friend:

Are you tired of get-rich-quick, 3 click, point-and-click, smoke-and-mirrors coaching programs that don't work?

Are you frustrated because you want real internet coaching from a real coach, but you don't want to invest the $100 or $1000 a month the good ones ask for?

Have you been looking for an affordable coaching program with REAL coaching lessons and REAL training from a coach who has DONE what you want to do?

If so, I understand . . . .

Here's the thing, it's not easy to find someone who has what it takes and knows how to guide you to profitability.

Here are just a few testimonials from folks who have worked with me:

I really enjoyed it. Most importantly, I followed up and have already created two courses. I created a 90-day course (4 days of email access per month) and I'm putting the finishing touches on a 5-week course. I created audios, PowerPoints and have already sold two memberships (for the 90-day product) for $600. - - Jim

(and of course, these results are not typical, most people get the lessons, and do nothing . . . I'm sure you've experienced doing that before :-) I know I have!!) But the thing is . . . if you do the work, slow and steady like I teach, it's amazing what you can do:

Done Deal Sean,

Btw following your advice last 2 months in a row I made $1500 profit by doing wso launches and enrolling people hap hazardly into my coaching at $497 $97 per and $147 per month done 3 wso lanches: first one did 200 units by following your method,, second one did 100 units third one flopped 5 sales doing another one today sean your stuff rocks...

I'm still looking to take it to the next level and I think this will help me one 3k sale a month I'd be sorted...

Feel free to use any of that as a testimonial - Billy

Getting one on one coaching from you has been a real "where have you been all my life?" experience - I've invested literally thousands in other peoples' training and products, but as soon as I started with your coaching everything just seemed to mesh and come together with startling clarity. You just talk sense, in a way that leaves me in no doubt about what to do next. The way you're able to give step by step instruction while at the same time making me aware of the bigger picture has been so refreshing and has made me more focused for the first time in a long time and has got me really excited about my business.

Your training is absolutely top shelf and like nothing I've experienced from any other information marketer. You absolutely know your stuff, and I couldn't recommend you highly enough to anyone who feels they need help with their business; I know they will not regret it. Sean R.

These folks have worked with me to learn the specific steps necessary to achieve real profit.

And real profit means selling something to people who want it.

And that's what I specialize in . . .teaching ordinary folks how to make real profit selling to real people who have real needs.

And the primary way that I teach literally hundreds and hundreds of clients is through my coaching program lessons.

Until today, the ONLY way someone could access these powerful lessons was to enroll in my Platinum coaching program at $97 a month or my personalized program at $397 a month. There's just no way I could coach someone personally for less, I would have too many clients and no one would get enough attention.

But earlier today, I was given an idea . . . why not offer the coaching lessons themselves - where the bulk of the "learning" comes from anyhow - for a special low-priced test offer . . . and just leave out personal access to me (because I would burn out if 100 people enrolled this month and everyone needed to talk with me personally!)

So for a limited time test offer, I have decided to make those lessons available to you, at a lessons-only discounted price (and it goes up everytime someone buys):

There are 60 lessons in total, and you will learn the basics of building a profitable infobusiness quickly. Some of the topics covered:

1) Creating your unique edge in your marketplace so that you stand out among your competitors

2) Creating a daily habit of 30 minutes of content creation each day so that you are constantly creating new content for google and organic traffic

3) Creating a powerful 3-product sales funnel that converts like crazy

4) How to write a powerful email campaign that SELLS your 3 products.

5) How to create a coaching program to add $97 a month payments to your business

6) How to tweak and test to improve results

7) How to drive traffic with multiple different, unique methods

and much, much more!

By the way, don't let the simplicity in the subjects delude you into thinking this is a basics course.

It's not. It's thorough and is scientifically designed to get you into profit FAST.

There are 60 lessons, and you receive one per day for 60 days. Each lesson is about a one hour mp3 audio training, plus a short homework assignment so that you IMPLEMENT what you learn that day in the coaching lesson.

I personally promise that once you have completed the 60 days, you will have a complete working knowledge of the INSIDE of a profitable infobusiness, and that you will know more than 95% of peers about what it really takes to build a real, profitable business.

And I back it up with a 300% guarantee . . . if you are not totally blown away by the lessons, tell me that, anytime within the 60 days, and I will give you not 100%, not 200% but 300% (YES, that's 3X) your money back!

I would go out of business if these lessons didn't work with a guarantee like that!

Now, keep in mind, this is just the lessons themselves, there's no live coaching access to me included with these lessons, it's JUST the lessons - there is no way I can offer personalized access at this ridiculous price - this is for self-starters who don't want to spend $97 a month for access to me.

And you can ALWAYS add access to me in the future . . .

Now, you may be thinking, Sean is out of his mind to offer this.

And maybe I am out of my mind.

So I reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time, without any notice (and if you've followed me for long, you know that I actually close my special offers)

So here's a review of what you get:

60 days of coaching lessons from Sean Mize . . . the SAME lessons other clients have paid $97 a month to access!

This is an overview of the subjects taught over the 60 days:

1) Creating your unique edge in your marketplace so that you stand out among your competitors

2) Creating a daily habit of 30 minutes of content creation each day so that you are constantly creating new content for google and organic traffic

3) Creating a powerful 3-product sales funnel that converts like crazy

4) How to write a powerful email campaign that SELLS your 3 products.

5) How to create a coaching program to add $97 a month payments to your business

6) How to tweak and test to improve results

7) How to drive traffic with multiple different, unique methods

and much, much more!

Here are some more testimonials from folks who have worked with me:

Today's call was THE MOST OUTSTANDING information that I have heard and learned about "driving traffic"!

I too thank God for giving you the clarity and the words to make it plain for us on the call who heard it first hand.

You are simply the best!

Devin Stubblefield
Financial Coach/Trainer

I just wanted to shoot you an email to thank you for the training . . . .

I've done a few WSO's with some success but one thing I've always struggled with was having a solid "Back End Product" in place to funnel all of my WSO buyers through.

That's why I bought your training...(Still can't believe it was [so little] ...what [were you ] thinking?)

So I went through the training with you Live while on Vacation in FL. I did everything you instructed us to do and it's working out AWESOME. Not only did you help me identify what it was that my list wanted, you taught me how to sell the program.

After coming home from Vacation, I wrote the sales letter and structured a 5 day launch to my list for my new Coaching program.

I closed cart yesterday and ended with 16 new clients for the program. I had a goal of 15 enrollments and actually planned to shut it down at 15 (that's the scarcity I used)... Had some issues with my sales page not updating as I was trying to pull the offer down and one more sign up came through. (Not a bad problem to have)

Generated approximately $8500 in sales in a 5 day period.

I can't thank you enough man. Now I'll have an asset that can be automated for future sales.

You rock.... and quit teaching people this stuff for so cheap

- Chris B.

Like I said, these are extraordinary results . . . each person who wrote me a testimonial did hard work to get those results. And if you buy these lessons but don't the work, you'll be out your investment. Period. Ya' gotta do the work!!!

Now, like I said, these lessons have sold for $97 a month in the past, for a limited time, and I reserve the right to pull this offer at any time, you get 60 days (one lesson a day for 60 days) for only:

$2,000 $499 One-Time or FREE!

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