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TIBA 30-Day Info Business Course Details:

The way this is designed, you'll receive one course every week for 4 weeks (first lesson will be available today)

By spacing out the lessons, it will help you finish one course before going to the next one!

These courses are EASY.

We've kept this super-simple, just the steps you need to do it, rather than cluttering it up with lots of detail and why this, why that, kind of thing.

There is a place for that, and I know that many clients love it, but for this training, I'm purposefully keeping it super-concise so you get RESULTS!

Each of the 4 courses will have about 2-3 hours of training...

Then a homework assignment to do.

Then a framework for the month on what to do each day to accomplish your business.

If you'll just focus on doing what's in that framework, each day for the next 30 days, you will be positively AMAZED at how your business takes shape.

The TIBA 30-Day Info Business Course contains:

* Week 1: Content Framework
* Week 2: Email Campaign Framework
* Week 3: Coaching Program Framework
* Week 4: Home Study Course Framework
* Bonus Lessons

As you come to the end of this 4-lesson, 4-week training program, you should have all the building blocks in place to build your information business, and lots of ideas. The next step is to implement. And you'll only work on the things that are going to build your business where you want it to, and ruthlessly take out any activity during your working hours that does not specifically add value to your business.

Results are not typical but here's what one of our students say...

 I'm a pro copywriter and was looking to get out of being reliant on client work -- but I was stuck for what to do, when to do it, and in what order.

It wasn't so much more KNOWING I needed as more DOING.

Within just a fortnight I had released my first coaching program with an ROI of over 2:1 -- it's now 70% full, and places are STILL selling like hot cakes.

If I fill all the places, then my revenue will be just shy of $20,000 with an ROI of over 3:1 -- that's more than $3 back for every $1 invested -- within just 21 days.

Better yet -- the program will keep ON selling between now and forever in one form or another, so my long-term ROI is likely to be measured in the hundreds- or thousands-to-one.

Probably the best investment I ever made (and I've been around this stuff for a long time).

Jon McCulloch, Direct Response Marketer


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