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From The Desk Of
Liz Tomey

Dear Online Biz Owner, 

If you have been struggling with how to make money using PLR you are about to be extremely happy. 

But first tell me if any of the following sounds like you:

* You have boat loads of PLR products gathering dust on your hard drive and you have no idea what to do with them. 
* You lie in bed at night wondering how you can make money with all your PLR. 
* You are just plain sick of researching, writing, and taking action but still not earning enough money to quit your day job.

If so, you are going to get a lot out of what I am about to share with you...you see...

This Is Your Chance To Finally Make 
$$$ With PLR In As Little As 24 Hours!

Here's the thing, I have discovered a way to sell PLR within 24 hours of putting up my offer online. 

I know this might be hard for you to believe, and trust me I would have my doubts too. 

But here's exactly what I've discovered:
* How to turn your subscriber list into a BUYER's list. 

* How to create from scratch a high-converting squeeze/sales page. 
* How to generate laser-targeted traffic to your squeeze/sales page. 
* How to generate laser-targeted traffic to your squeeze/sales page. I know it might sound wild to you...but it's all true! In fact...

Here's What Real People Say...

You are an amazing teacher!

Hi Liz,

I want to thank you for mentoring me. You are an amazing teacher! You helped me to stay focused and showed me step by step what I needed to do to succeed. I want you to know that I was able to quit my job and now I work full time on my online business.

Thank you for helping me achieve my dreams.

Your Student,
Jacob Stein

...she is always giving you the help!

Thank You Liz!

Anyone brand new to internet marketing, you need to sign up now! Liz gives you all the tools you need to get started and walks you through the steps. With Liz's videos, tools and marketing plan I was able to get my first site up. Liz is always sending you tools to help you be a successful internet marketer.

Without her help I still would be struggling and trying to figure everything out. Unlike a lot of these other sites, they sell you and then you struggle trying to figure it out. Not with Liz, she is always giving you the help.

Thanks again,
Dina Jordan

I can now see how I can create an income!

Hi Liz,

I just wanted to say thank you so very much. I have been trying to get off the ground in IM and I guess I learnt more in that hour or so than I have learnt is many years. (one course cost me $7000 - which we are still paying off - and was like a lame duck)

I am on a veteran pension and every penny is counted. I hate seeing my wife HAVE to go to work. I can now see how I can create an income so that we can make our dreams come true.

Thank you again so much.

Peter Safe

...built a list of over 30k IM'ers!

Shane here, I just grabbed this up without reading the sales page! LOL A no brainer! Thanks so MUCH... I buy all your PLR and as a newbie have made tens of thousands of dollars online from them as well as built a list of over 30k IM'ers!

- Shane Purcell

About Your Mentor: Liz Tomey

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?

I have been creating PLR products since 2005, and am known as the Queen of PLR. I have done high ticket coaching programs on the topic, spoke at seminars on the topic and have been teaching others online how to do what I do. 

Here's why it works so well... 

Most marketers selling products leave out critical steps - intentionally or not - on how to make money online with PLR. 

And if you don't know what you're missing how can you be successful? Am I right? That's why you're here now! 

Let me explain... 

There are already people online who are looking for exactly what you have. You don't need to sell them on anything! You just need to get them to your product to purchase. 

That's what I show you in my workshop from beginning to end - no stone is left unturned. You can even outsource EVERYTHING - and just follow the EXACT steps I will teach you to start making money within the next 24 hours. 

You only need to deal with people when they are buying! 

Sounds pretty awesome right?! 

I know this may sound too good to be true so that's why I brought everything all together today for you. This will solve your problem of figuring out how to make money with PLR. 

Enroll Now To The TIBA 24-Hour PLR Cash Workshop

I created this workshop to finally solve your problem with all the PLR gathering dust on your hard drive. And judging by all the feedback I've received I'm confident it can help you too! 

You see I've discovered how to make serious $$$ using PLR within 24 hours. And now you can too! 

I'm going to show you... * The right way to create a successful sales funnel. 

* I will show you my very successful mind map - will draw it for you in front of your eyes - that consistently makes me a 6-figure income. 

* >The ABC's of creating a squeeze page - step-by-step handholding showing you EXACTLY how to set up a high-converting sales page. 

* How to do all the technical stuff even if you are not a "techy" - I will walk you through domain buying with GoDaddy, hosting, transferring files using FTP and more. It's simple with my over-the-shoulder tutorial. 

* How to sell your PLR in as little as 24 hours from the time you launch your offer. I've spent countless hours creating this workshop so you don't have to. And although it may sound like it's going to cost you a lot of money -  it won't.

Access to the TIBA 24-Hour PLR Cash Workshop Is Only $2,000
For now, It's Only $200...

You might be wondering what's the catch, right? It cost me countless hours to create, most people would charge much more for this type of content creation - heck I saw a video course like mine going for $399. 

But here's the deal - I was tired of seeing people not make any money with PLR products they were buying. Whether it was because they didn't have all the information they needed or were given false promises - I was done. And I knew I could help and offer value. 

Now keep in mind most people would charge you much more for a course like this - and it's been on the back of my mind to raise the price. But for now it's only $200 and as long as you act fast you can get locked in at that price. 

One-Time Workshop Fee: $200 or FREE!

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Do you want to be making money in the next 24 hours? Then you need to click on the "enroll now" button and you will - guaranteed! 

Speaking of guarantees... 

Because I know you can be successful with my workshop I am offering you a 30-day moneyback guarantee - no questions asked! If you decide that this just isn't for you I will refund you your money - period. 

So now you've got nothing to lose! You can click on the buy button now and know with certainty that you will finally have the solution to earning $$$ with PLR today

So here's everything you're getting... 

* Six jam-packed tutorial videos showing you everything you need to make $$$ with PLR in 24 hours. 

* An over-the-shoulder look at how I create my sales funnel. 

* Handholding through the exact steps to take to set up your high-converting sales page. 

* How to get buyers to your offer in just 24 hours! 

* How to turn your subscriber list into a buyer's list. 

* All the technical know-how even a newbie can do! 

Okay - so with all that said when you buy here's what you'll get. Immediate access to a download page. On the download page you can choose to view the workshop video tutorials online or choose to download them to your hard drive. You will finally have the solution to your problem of never making money online with your PLR. 

One-Time Workshop Fee: $200 or FREE!

Join By Monday - January 21, 2019 And Grab A Spot For Just $20

Discounted Offer: Only $15 One-time Workshop Fee - Valid On January 21, 2019

I have never been disappointed.

You never fail to offer awesome value. Ever since I've met You my income has increased. 

There are some marketers you trust and just buy their products without thinking. You are the epitome for over delivery, having bought over 90% of your products that you've put out in the past 2 years, I have never been disappointed. 

Thank you for creating quality products!

Aigul Erali

I've learned more in 2 hours than I've learned in 2 years!

Just getting started with Liz as my coach. I've learned more in 2 hours about PLR products than I've learned in 2 years! If you prefer the REAL DEAL get your butt on over to Liz Tomey!

John Leary III 
Big Kahuna Ventures LLC

So don't let another 24 hours go by without making money in it! You now have ALL the answers so click on the order button below and get started instantly!

You can have immediate access to learn how to profit from your PLR within the next 24 hours. Why haven't you bought it already? 

They don't call me the Queen of PLR for nothing! If you are still here you are clearly interested. You can finally turn this whole thing around now and solve all your PLR problems with my guaranteed workshop.You'll be thanking me later...

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Join By Monday - January 21, 2019 And Grab A Spot For Just $20

Discounted Offer: Only $15 One-time Workshop Fee - Valid On January 21, 2019

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