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Small Business Coach – Announcing 6 Proven Steps to Explode Your Company in Coaching Small Business

by Sean Mize

As a business coach, you can help businesses struggling in this lagging economy improve the way they run their business. Businesses hire consultants on a regular basis. When businesses really need to know how to solve a business problem, they will hire a coach. You can use this idea and others to improve your incidence of getting more customers. Announcing 6 proven steps to explode your small business coach company.

1. Build a trusting relationship with your customer. Provide them with quality content in your coaching programs, information products and services. They will be your friends and customers for life.

2. Recommend to your customers products, programs and services you believe in. This includes affiliates and business from which you get no revenue for referrals.

3. When you are wrong in your approach or have made some kind of a mistake with your training, admit it. Do what you can to make it right instead of stalling and digging yourself in deeper. Just correct the error and move on.

4. As applicable, when suggesting a solution to a client’s problem, tell the advantages and disadvantages of using that solution. They can then make a more informed decision for their situation.

5. Don’t patronize your client. There is nothing worse than patronizing another. Your clients dislike it and it leaves a black mark on your reputation. Treat clients respectfully and professionally.

6. Keep using different sales approaches for your various types of clients. Use the one that works best for each individual so they can successfully benefit from your quality training.

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