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SEO Article Writing Service – 4 Simple Steps to Make More Money With Your Article Writing Service

by Sean Mize

Are you one of those people who are offering SEO article writing services? Well, I bet that you’re feeling the stiff competition by now. If you’re struggling in closing decent sales, here are some simple steps that can surely help you boost your sign up rate:

1. Pay attention to your website. Is it impressive? Does it give a professional feel? Does it speak volumes about your experience and expertise? Is it informative and pleasing on the eyes? Keep in mind that your potential buyers will decide if they’ll do business with you based on the appearance and content of your website so you better make sure that it’s perfect.

2. Search engine optimization. It’s important that you get your website to appear on the top 10 search page results each time “writing”, “ghostwriting”, and “SEO writing” are searched on Google and other engines. This will happen through search engine optimization. Make your website search engine-friendly by using several white-hat techniques.

3. Article marketing. There is no better way to promote your SEO article writing services than through article marketing. This tool will not only allow you to build links for your website but it will also allow you to showcase your expertise in this field.

4. Follow-ups. Don’t forget to contact those people who have expressed their interest over your services. Send them emails or call them at least once a week. It’s important that you build or increase their interest each time you contact them so you can increase your chances of getting them to sign up.

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