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Revealed – The 7 Best Steps to Supercharge Your Tips For Coaching to Sell High Ticket Items

by Sean Mize

As a coach, you are looking for simple techniques to get more coaching students for your high ticket program. In your business, you will find that you spend a large percentage of your time marketing. This is common among all successful businesses. Keep reading for more ideas about how to stay a successful coaching business. Revealed – 7 best steps to supercharge your tips for coaching to sell high ticket items.

1. Keep things simple. Your students will appreciate the simplicity of your program.

2. Focus on creating a long-term relationship. No high pressure selling. Push selling no longer works in sales.

3. Know your products and services inside out. Sound like you know what you’re talking about. Your reputation depends on it.

4. Like a doctor, analyze your client’s present situation. Give a diagnosis and a prognosis after you’ve drawn appropriate conclusions. Help the client see the value in applying your solution.

5. Describe optimistic solutions in your prospect’s mind as you build a relationship with each other. Do this by talking in terms of favorable future scenarios for your client as a result of letting you help him or her.

6. Know specific phrases that evoke images so your prospect easily imagines that his or her most pressing problem is already in the stages of being solved.

7. As you describe the benefits of your solution to your client, keep asking your client to confirm that he or she can see this solution is right for him or her. Use these techniques to improve your high ticket sales rates.

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Sean Mize is the author of Anyone Can Coach, the definitive guide to starting your own coaching program fast.

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