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Executive Coaching – Announcing 3 Practical Methods to Excel at Officer Coaching

by Sean Mize

Executive coaches cannot get more popular these days, when there is a great demand in the workplace for managers and supervisors to deliver immediate results.

Here’s how you can excel in this field:

1. The first thing that you need to do is to talk to your coachees (managers and supervisors). Assess how they see themselves and their roles in their organization. You can also ask them their ideas as to how their subordinates see them. You will need to do this to gauge if these people have realistic perception of themselves and their roles. Sometimes, this is where the problem lies. Other managers feel that they are very effective while their subordinates think otherwise.

2. Watch them in action. Get to see how your coachees work by simply watching them while on action. You can join them while they are having meetings or when they are doing their day-to-day tasks. It would also help if you can interview people who are working under them. By doing these, you can easily identify the behavior that needs to be modified.

3. Provide feedback. Get your coachees in a one-on-one meeting and offer them with feedback. Tell them how they are perceived by other people in the workplace and what they can do to make necessary improvements. You can show these people an action plan that can guide them all throughout. Depending on the issue, you will need to offer these people with trainings or seminars so they can learn new sets of skills or to learn how they can modify certain behavior.

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