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Coaching Practice – Announcing 6 Methods to Excel in Your Coaching Business

by Sean Mize

Think ‘businessese’. This is a key way to successfully promote to the correct group of interested prospects. People who think like you will often be people in your ‘possible prospects’ group. When you understand how your ideal prospect thinks, then you will connect and find new clients. Announcing 6 methods to excel at coaching practice.

1. What are some common things of great interest to business people? Reducing business expenses, increasing work productivity, reducing employee absenteeism, reducing insurance claim submissions, etc.. When you can think in terms of activities negatively affecting the cost of business for a prospect, you can find topics that need solving. Those are programs and information products waiting to be created. Teach your students to think like business people and to focus on solving business-oriented types of problems.

2. Many business people like others to get to the point quickly. After all, in business, time is money. So, teach your students to keep this idea in mind, too.

3. Following a plan, goals are achieved. In your practice, remember to require students to develop planning and follow through skills.

4. Teach students keys to successful sales closings. One of the most important keys to closing a sale is showing how a particular solution most accurately and efficiently applies for the decision-maker’s purposes.

5. Teach your students to think for themselves using simple problem solving techniques. Encourage your students to read books and routinely be listening to CD self-enrichment courses to stay competitive.

6. Keep things simple. The simple processes are the ones that are successfully used.

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